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Amsterdm's Gardens and Parks

Trees, ponds and flowers surround you and the sounds of the city are far away... Come experience the green side of Amsterdam! There are over thirty parks in Amsterdam, including th...Read more »

31-01-2014 Barbara N. Views 6367Comments 0Likes 2

Bike and Boat

Two wheeling is a way of life here. It’s how Amsterdammers commute to work, go to the shop and meet a date for dinner. With all the bike rental shops around, it’s easy to gear up a...Read more »

31-05-2013 Garon B. Views 6914Comments 0Likes 3

Amsterdam is a charming city!

Pot. The Red Light District. There, we've gotten that over with—let's talk about the less cliched aspects of Amsterdam. It's a charming city, full of canals (for a true local exper...Read more »

21-11-2012 lizet l. Views 7548Comments 0Likes 0

Amsterdam is amazing in spring and summer.

This capital city is undoubtedly the most frequented place in the whole of the Netherlands. It is the centre of culture, trade, science and… fun! The government however is settled ...Read more »

15-08-2012 Marco P. Views 7955Comments 0Likes 1

Amsterdam is not only different from the rest of the Netherlands, but anywhere else in the world.

Amsterdam is a city, but it is also a country by itself, a small nation inside a larger one" wrote Geert Mak in his revered chronicle about the Dutch capital. For many visitors, ...Read more »

08-08-2012 sera s. Views 7408Comments 0Likes 1

Experience the Cannabis Coffeeshop Culture.

Amsterdam is one of the rare places where you can purchase reputable quality weed and/or hash, in a public transaction, and not be branded a criminal for it - a fact that clearly h...Read more »

20-07-2012 rolan r. Views 7051Comments 0Likes 0

About Amsterdammmm!

The "Amsterdam" that most visitors experience is the city centre, the semi-circle with Central Station at its apex. It corresponds to the city as it was around 1850. Five major c...Read more »

18-07-2012 dimaz d. Views 7205Comments 0Likes 0

Amsterdam is the most watery city in the world.

Amsterdam is the most watery city in the world. Its canals and harbours fill a full quarter of her surface Its waterways have always been its essence and its source of wealth A ...Read more »

10-07-2012 Bin B. Views 7742Comments 0Likes 0

Amsterdam is the romantic and beautiful city.

From its canals to its world-famous museums and historical centers, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic and beautiful European cities. There is nothing quite like this small capi...Read more »

06-07-2012 frol f. Views 7263Comments 0Likes 0

Amsterdam: one of greatest small cities in the world

Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From its canals to world-famous museums and historical sights, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic and beautiful citie...Read more »

06-07-2012 ston s. Views 6894Comments 0Likes 0

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