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Hyde Park Bandstand, City of Westminster, London W1J, UK


Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde park

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Place for relax

Hyde Park is a must to see. In winter you can visit the Winter Wonderland.In summer you can have a picnic. It is huge and have something for everyone. Read more »

08-02-2013 Marco P. Views 5125Comments 0Likes 0

Hyde Park is probably the BEST thing you can do for free in London.

The first time I went to London I did not walk through this park at all, and after doing so on my 2nd trip, I will ALWAYS pick a day to have a picnic in Hyde Park. It is absolute...Read more »

02-08-2012 Marco P. Views 5370Comments 0Likes 0

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

An oasis of tranquility in central London, Hyde Park, together with Kensington Gardens to the west, is the largest of the three royal parks. The darken paths, the solitude, and the...Read more »

08-07-2012 Andrey M. Views 4958Comments 0Likes 0

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