Freemasons' Hall, London, England, United Kingdom


Freemasons' Hall, London, England, United Kingdom

Freemasons hall

Great free tour!

I recommend a free tour of Freemasons hall even if you are not a Freemason or perhaps are even against the organisation. Go take a look it may change your mind or at least dispel some myths and prejudices.
The tours are free and leave on the hour from the Library and museum, you could spend the previous hour in here easily. The guide was excellent speaking openly to everyone regardless of their reasons for visiting. It is such an impressive building more so inside perhaps than out.
The guide will give you so much information perhaps stuff you thought was secret is openly talked about the stained glass, marble and exotic hardwoods that go to make up the building are a sight to behold. I could say so much more but please go it is the best free attraction in London. The staff through tout the building are amazingly helpful.

18-01-2013 - Rubén S.



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