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Greenland, Greenland

Grand Ice Canyon, Greenland

What to do in Greenland

You´ll experience icebergs almost everywhere in Greenland. In the Disko Bay, icebergs often rise up to 100 meters above the waterline - keep in mind that 90 percent of an iceberg is hidden below the surface of the sea. The world´s most active glacier at Ilulissat moves 25-30 meters a day and calves across a front 10 kilometers in width.

Visiting the ice cap is possible from most towns in Greenland, although it usually takes a helicopter flight or a boat trip to reach the edge of the inland ice. In Kangerlussuaq the ice cap is only 20 kilometers away and you can hike, drive, fly or mountain bike to there - and stay overnight if you bring a tent.

Springtime is the best season for dog-sledge tours and skiing although Greenland also offers first class summer skiing, even heli-skiing, on glaciers, and dog-sledge tours in the summer.

Greenland hosts several international events related to ice & snow; such as the Arctic Circle Race regarded as the toughest ski race in the world, the Ice Golf World Championships, and the Nuuk Snow Sculpture Festival.

As a neighbour to the North Pole, Greenland has an Arctic climate, although there are great differences from north to south, and from coast to inland. Generally speaking, the climate is very dry, and as a result, temperatures feel quite different from most other places in the world. 10-15 degrees Celsius (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit) feels very warm, while minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) is equivalent to a comfortable temperature.

The breathtaking Arctic scenery is almost endless on the world´s largest island, and with a total population of only 55,000 you are truly on your own as soon as you leave one of the small towns and settlements. Human civilisation is the exception in this country. The mountains, valleys, rivers and gigantic ice cap are practically virgin land.
Hikers will experience unspoiled scenery no matter where and how. You can walk from hut to hut or - in South Greenland - from sheep croft to sheep croft. Experienced mountain hikers will find challenges with unique awards of beauty in every part of Greenland.

Several travel agencies offer hiking tours to Greenland. Alternatively you can plan your own trip. Check out the detailed hiking maps!

Greenland is a paradise for anglers. The Arctic char is common in most rivers and if you fish from a boat at sea or on a fjord, you may be able to hook a halibut several meters long or a record-size catfish.

In the early spring it´s possible to angle the Greenlandic shark through a hole in the ice. The shark may be up to 6.5 meters long. It is also possible to join a Greenlandic fisherman to the Ilulissat ice fjord for two days to fish with long lines through holes in the ice.

The kayak was originally developed by hunters in Greenland, and today kayaking is experiencing a renaissance. The fjords, straits and archipelagos are ideal waters, and several local tourist offices have sea kayaks for rental - from just a few hours to several weeks. Your experience will most likely include icebergs, seals and whales.

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