Greenland, Greenland


Greenland, Greenland


The largest island in the world - Greenland

Greenland (Danish Grønland, Greenlandic Kalaallit Nunaat), the largest island in the world, is situated northeast of the North American continent; it lies between latitude 59°46´ and 83°39´ north and longitude 11°39´ and 73°8´ west. In the west the island is separated from the Canadian Archipelago by Davis Strait, Baffin Bay and Smith Sound, in the east from Spitzbergen by the Greenland Sea and from Iceland by the Denmark Strait.

By its nature the island forms part of the Arctic; 85% of the surface is covered by a gigantic sheet of ice averaging some 1,500m/4,900ft in thickness. The ice-free area, 341,,000sq.mi in extent or 15% of the whole, lies principally on the coast; this is a region of fjords and skerries, the land resembling the Alps (although in the north and northwest there are also plateaus), reaching heights of 1,200-1,500m/3,950-4,930ft. The highest point is the Gunnbjørn Field (3,733m/12,252ft in the east of Greenland. Disko Island lies off the west coast. There is an air service between Denmark and Greenland throughout the year.

Greenland offers adventures of ice and snow like nowhere else on this planet. The ice cap - up to three kilometers thick - covers an area 14 times the size of England, and icebergs snap off the glaciers at the edges of the ice cap.

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