Richmond Park, London, England, United Kingdom


Richmond Park, London, England, United Kingdom

Richmond Park

Not be missed!

This park is a former Royal Hunting park and the Royal Lodge in the centre of the park is now the Royal Ballet School. If you are a tourist there is not much point to a visit (apart from the deer see below) but if you live in London this is a true gem.

The reason is that you will feel like you are out in the countryside and it is the only place I can think of in London that you can take a genuinely long country walk. What makes this place extra special is the deer. If you have kids this is an amazing place to bring them to see deer. I've been on many walking holiday sin Scotland as a kid and the deer were always a blip in the distance.

Here they are everywhere and you can get within ten feet of many to take a picture, but be warned they are wild animals and will defend themselves if threatened or in certain season during mating and such. There are warning up at times you need to give them a wide birth. Every time I go I find it magical and romantic because of the deer. If you take a date here for a walk and to see the deer and then for lunch in beautiful Richmond you will not find a more romantic day in London.

08-04-2013 - Blanca P.



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