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7 Rue de Médicis, 75006 París, Francia


Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Garden


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We love this one!

It was really nice to have an icecream and a beer and sit in the shade of the trees on this boiling July day. The little children were bathing in a paddling pool in the gardens (aw...Read more »

19-08-2013 Barbara N. Views 3225Comments 0Likes 1


These formal gardens, open to only royalty before the French Revolution, now serve as one of Paris's most popular destinations for relaxation.Read more »

02-05-2013 Artem P. Views 3638Comments 0Likes 0

Relaxing beautiful Park

This is a beautiful park in which you can retreat from all of the other activities you have undertaken. Slow down your Paris visit with a leisurly early morning walk and watch par...Read more »

01-05-2013 Blanca P. Views 3732Comments 0Likes 2

Beautiful gardens and waterfalls.

Runners paradise. Parisians seem to all go here to exercise. You need to keep out of their way. Lovely to see children sailing boats on the pond. Beautiful gardens and waterfalls. Read more »

16-04-2013 Katharine P. Views 3372Comments 0Likes 0


If you do not need a continuous Wifi connection (there is no one in this garden) then you can go and visit this wonderful garden. Especially interesting imo is the variety of beau...Read more »

11-12-2012 Katy P. Views 3414Comments 0Likes 0

Very nice place to see

Lovely atmospheric park. Rent a boat and sail it on the lake for €2.50. Simple, peaceful fun. Sit on one of the many well placed chairs and watch the world go by. Not so impresse...Read more »

21-11-2012 Marco P. Views 4885Comments 0Likes 1

Jardin du Luxembourg, the most popular park in Paris

The Jardin du Luxembourg is probably the most popular park in Paris. It is located in the 6th arrondissement, near the Sorbonne University. The park, 22,45 hectare large (about 5...Read more »

25-07-2012 palid p. Views 3857Comments 0Likes 1

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