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Paris, une ville en mouvement.
Paris ville de l´art, de l´histoire et de la culture, se vante de n´avoir pas moins de 134 musées, 24 monuments historiques, trois opéras…c´est ...Read more »

06-07-2012 garagu g. Views 4914Comments 0Likes 0

Favorite Viewpoints

In summertime: stand on Pont Neuf or take a boat-bus to admire illuminated building along the Seine. Take a rowing boat on the lake of Bois de Boulogne and having lunch at very ch...Read more »

15-11-2012 Marco P. Views 4578Comments 0Likes 1


Город влюбленных, город любовник, город Любви!.. Прекрасное место для свадебного путешествия или уикенда с любимым человеком. ...Read more »

08-11-2012 Artem P. Views 4303Comments 0Likes 1

Top 10 Paris Sights and Attractions

First visits to Paris can be daunting: nearly every square inch of the city seems to be seeping with history and beauty. All of it is worth seeing and exploring, but there are some...Read more »

20-07-2012 dimaz d. Views 4147Comments 0Likes 2

Mi ciudad favorito

Paris es mi ciudad favorito. Nunca tengo dudas a donde viajar, cuando tenga 2-3 días libres. ¡Claro que a Paris! Read more »

25-10-2012 abomz a. Views 3680Comments 0Likes 0

París, te quiero!

Mi ciudad preferido!!! Cuándo tengo un fin de semana libre - estoy en París con mi pareja. Me parece que es un ciudad más romántico del mundo. París te quiero!!!!Read more »

03-12-2013 Frederico G. Views 3600Comments 0Likes 1

Paris - for all tastes

Everyone who visits Paris for the first time probably has the same punchlist of major attractions to hit: The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, etc. Just make sure you leave ...Read more »

07-11-2012 clau c. Views 3339Comments 0Likes 0

For all tastes

History lovers will marvel at the richness of a city that has seen two major revolutions and was home to many of the most powerful monarchies of Europe. Art lovers could spend a li...Read more »

15-03-2013 Robert M. Views 3297Comments 0Likes 1

Free museum days

The first Sunday of each month sees the classic museums of Paris open their doors for free. Sidle through the Louvre’s sculpture gallery and squint at the Mona Lisa, or exhaust you...Read more »

11-06-2013 Artem P. Views 3269Comments 0Likes 1

Heading to Paris?

Heading to Paris? Read up on how to get the most out of this ville magnifique. Pretend you're a Parisian: rent an apartment. It's often more affordable than a hotel and you can ...Read more »

18-10-2013 Lara T. Views 3061Comments 0Likes 3

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