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Notre Dame de Paris!

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Paris, une ville en mouvement.
Paris ville de l´art, de l´histoire et de la culture, se vante de n´avoir pas moins de 134 musées, 24 monuments historiques, trois opéras…c´est ...Read more »

06-07-2012 garagu g. Views 4473Comments 0Likes 0

Top 10 Paris Sights and Attractions

First visits to Paris can be daunting: nearly every square inch of the city seems to be seeping with history and beauty. All of it is worth seeing and exploring, but there are some...Read more »

20-07-2012 dimaz d. Views 3679Comments 0Likes 2

Favorite Viewpoints

In summertime: stand on Pont Neuf or take a boat-bus to admire illuminated building along the Seine. Take a rowing boat on the lake of Bois de Boulogne and having lunch at very ch...Read more »

15-11-2012 Marco P. Views 3580Comments 0Likes 1


Город влюбленных, город любовник, город Любви!.. Прекрасное место для свадебного путешествия или уикенда с любимым человеком. ...Read more »

08-11-2012 Artem P. Views 3237Comments 0Likes 1

Mi ciudad favorito

Paris es mi ciudad favorito. Nunca tengo dudas a donde viajar, cuando tenga 2-3 días libres. ¡Claro que a Paris! Read more »

25-10-2012 abomz a. Views 2815Comments 0Likes 0

París, te quiero!

Mi ciudad preferido!!! Cuándo tengo un fin de semana libre - estoy en París con mi pareja. Me parece que es un ciudad más romántico del mundo. París te quiero!!!!Read more »

03-12-2013 Frederico G. Views 2622Comments 0Likes 1

Paris is the most glamorous city in Europe!

Long considered the paragon of style, Paris is the most glamorous city in Europe. It is at once deeply traditional – a village-like metropolis whose inhabitants continue to be noto...Read more »

13-09-2012 dzen d. Views 2525Comments 0Likes 1

Paris - for all tastes

Everyone who visits Paris for the first time probably has the same punchlist of major attractions to hit: The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, etc. Just make sure you leave ...Read more »

07-11-2012 clau c. Views 2477Comments 0Likes 0

Paris: Things to do, Where dinning, shopping etc...

Paris is unique in that it is a major global city -- home to more than 10 million people in the greater region -- yet it manages to synthesize the rhythms of village life with thos...Read more »

31-08-2012 emmy e. Views 2453Comments 0Likes 2

For all tastes

History lovers will marvel at the richness of a city that has seen two major revolutions and was home to many of the most powerful monarchies of Europe. Art lovers could spend a li...Read more »

15-03-2013 Robert M. Views 2408Comments 0Likes 1

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