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4-6 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France


Holy Chapel (La Sainte-Chapelle)

Holy Chapel (La Sainte-Chapelle)


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Beautiful Sainte-Chapelle

Built by the obsessively pious Louis IX (1226–70), this Gothic jewel is home to the oldest stained-glass windows in Paris. The chapel was constructed over three years, at phenomena...Read more »

07-07-2014 rem p. Views 4883Comments 0Likes 1

Absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful! Now under partial restoration of the windows in the upper church. Nonetheless an absolute must-see. The visit itself doesn't need to take long, but since the ...Read more »

24-04-2013 Jan B. Views 4206Comments 0Likes 2

Una Belleza!

El rey de Francia Luis IX, o San Luis, era un ferviente creyente y participó en las Cruzadas, muriendo en una de ellas. Su madre Blanca de Castilla le alentó en otra de sus aficion...Read more »

31-01-2013 Arturo B. Views 4203Comments 0Likes 0


Sainte Chappelle is an amazing sight to see. The initial room is mainly just the gift shop, you will need to climb the staircase which is slightly hidden in the corners of the main...Read more »

14-01-2013 norton n. Views 3691Comments 0Likes 0

Sainte-Chapelle. What to See:

Despite its small and humble exterior above the Palais de Justice buildings, Sainte-Chapelle is among the high points of French High Gothic architecture. The interior gives a a s...Read more »

08-08-2012 Marco P. Views 5072Comments 0Likes 0

The most beautiful church!

La Sainte-Chapelle (The Holy Chapel) is a 13th-century Gothic chapel on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. It was built by Louis IX for use as his royal chapel. Sa...Read more »

20-07-2012 sera s. Views 5743Comments 0Likes 0

My favorite church in the world

I´ve been to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and many other places in Paris, but the place I always remember and return to on every visit is Ste Chapelle. St. Chapelle i...Read more »

16-07-2012 emmy e. Views 4351Comments 0Likes 0

La iglesia más bonita de París

La Sainte Chapelle de París, una de las mejores iglesias góticas que he podido ver nunca. A mediados del siglo XIII al rey, Luis IX, se le ocurrió la idea de construir una pequeña...Read more »

15-07-2012 diony d. Views 4478Comments 0Likes 0

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