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Beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona has ten accessible beaches, with Wi-Fi and excellent amenities and services inviting you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year. Platges Barcelona is a ci...Read more »

22-01-2015 Marco P. Views 3574Comments 0Likes 1

Barrios y zonas de Barcelona

Principales zonas de Barcelona La Barceloneta La Barceloneta es un barrio marinero cargado de magia e historia que se ha convertido en una de las zonas más populare...Read more »

03-11-2013 Klara R. Views 2941Comments 0Likes 2

Una ciudad con mucho que ofrecer!

Barcelona posee una impresionante oferta cultural, contando con algunos interesantes museos como la Fundación Joan Miró o el Museo Picasso, aunque donde se aprecia realmente el art...Read more »

03-11-2013 Klara R. Views 2754Comments 0Likes 2

Barcelona, my inspiration!

Set on a plain rising gently from the sea to a range of wooded hills, Barcelona is Spain's most cosmopolitan city and one of the Mediterranean's busiest ports. Restaurants, bars an...Read more »

05-06-2013 Sergio D. Views 2840Comments 0Likes 2

Барселона - вотчина Гауди

Барселона - самый оживленный, самый "европейский" город Испании, жители которого пользуются славой любителей искусств. Это историческая столица Каталонии и крупнейший порт на Среди...Read more »

22-03-2013 Maria S. Views 3075Comments 0Likes 1

Barcelona is a beautiful, modern, multicultural city

Barcelona´s old town, or Ciutat Vella, is the heart of the city. It´s made up of many small neighborhoods, full of old-world character, linked by narrow, winding streets. Students,...Read more »

16-07-2012 dimaz d. Views 3517Comments 0Likes 4

Barcelona Holiday Review

This site was a great help to me before my trip - so here's my bit to try to help others: As always on arrival in a new city, we booked the open top bus tour. ''Bus Touristic' pic...Read more »

06-07-2012 Henry R. Views 3574Comments 0Likes 0

Barcelona. For all tastes!

Truth, too often, can turn into cliché. Seville has its flamenco, its bulls, its fiery tempers. Madrid has its suckling pig and its old-school pomp. Bilbao is tough and gritty, wit...Read more »

06-07-2012 blon b. Views 3671Comments 0Likes 1

Barcelona - romantic tourist destinations in Europe.

The stylish city of Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and also one of the nicest and most romantic tourist destinations in Europe. The city is filled with splendid archi...Read more »

06-07-2012 dino d. Views 3128Comments 0Likes 0


Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is located along the northern coast of Iberian Peninsula and has emerged as one of the most contemporary cosmopolitan cities in Europe....Read more »

06-07-2012 garagu g. Views 3258Comments 0Likes 0

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