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Sagrada Familia, Carrer del Guadiana, 13, 08014 Barcelona, Spain


Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

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Geniuses at work

Being there while workers were around us made me think of how people in the middle ages must felt as their cathedrals rose stone by stone. The Sagrada Familia is a tribute to the v...Read more »

20-06-2013 Garon B. Views 3175Comments 0Likes 0

Самое знаменитое творение великого Гауди.

Саграда Фамилия ( Собор Святого Семейства ) - архитектурный шедевр Гауди, который является одним из главных символов города. Строительство собора началось в 1882 г. и осталось неза...Read more »

22-03-2013 Maria S. Views 2912Comments 0Likes 0


The Church of the Sacred Family is an absolutely stunning masterpiece by Gaudi. You are sure to be left in awe every time. Grandiosity is what defines this church, it is a magnific...Read more »

14-03-2013 Jack R. Views 3152Comments 0Likes 2

Most Amazing Church Ever

I visited Sagrada Famillia on a friends recommendation as she was quite insistant and basically forced me to purchase a ticket online - I will be eternally thankful to her for this...Read more »

21-11-2012 clau c. Views 3829Comments 0Likes 1

La Sagrada Familia an absoulute MUST SEE!

If you are going to visit Barcelona (which everyone should!), you absolutely must see Antonio Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia. Completely worth the time and money! You will be in awe as yo...Read more »

16-07-2012 dimaz d. Views 3268Comments 0Likes 1

Sagrada Familia. Must visit!

The real name of the church is the Expiatory Church of La Sagrada Família. The first architect for the church was Francesc de Paula del Villar and he started the construction in 18...Read more »

10-07-2012 bruno b. Views 3066Comments 0Likes 1

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