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Vondelpark 2AI, 1071 Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, The Netherlands




Vondelpark, Amsterdam

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A Great place for picnic!

There is a food market underground in front of the Stedeliijk museum at Museum Plein. Grab whatever you would like to eat, with the store entrance at your back walk straight down ...Read more »

12-09-2013 Mara T. Views 3611Comments 0Likes 2

Vondel Park is a nice place to spend a few hours

Not far from Central Amsterdam, Vondel Park is a nice place to spend a few hours while visiting the city. We do so while on a set of two wheels and have fun enjoying it's numero...Read more »

27-07-2013 Klara R. Views 3843Comments 0Likes 1

Beautiful Park

As vital to Amsterdam as Rembrandt, canals and coffeeshops, on a sunny day there’s no place better than the Vondelpark. As people from all walks of life descend on this sprawling e...Read more »

31-05-2013 Garon B. Views 3372Comments 0Likes 1

Beautiful Park!

Vondelpark sits in the heart of Amsterdam and is a beautiful park. It isn't too big or overwhelming which I think is perfect for an easy afternoon stroll. Amsterdam is a pretty bus...Read more »

05-04-2013 Maria S. Views 3888Comments 0Likes 0

Gorgeous Parc

Watch out for the bicycles! We came here in September on our honeymoon, and walked through this park several times as we stayed at the Conscious Hotel nearby. It was a little chill...Read more »

26-01-2013 Rubén S. Views 3211Comments 0Likes 0

Nice park

Can you really go to Amsterdam and skip the park? It's nothing special like a botanic garden, but it's really nice to rent a bike and cruise around the park half a dozen times. I...Read more »

07-12-2012 Katy P. Views 3701Comments 0Likes 0

Beautiful in every season

I've been there during autumn and winter and I loved it. In warm months the park is perfect for a walk, a picnic and for relax in the grass. In winter months be prepared for the ...Read more »

21-11-2012 lizet l. Views 3502Comments 0Likes 0

Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam

Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam, and certainly the most famous park in the Netherlands, which welcomes about 10 million visitors every year. The Vondelpark is loca...Read more »

09-07-2012 Bereth B. Views 5010Comments 0Likes 0

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