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View from Old Town in Altea

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Altea, cuidad de artistas y artesanos

La Cúpula de su Iglesia, azul con decoración geométrica blanca, es uno de los símbolos de la Costa Blanca. Altea se asienta sobre un tosal, cuya cúspide corona la Iglesia Parroquia...Read more »

01-12-2012 Marc C. Views 3017Comments 0Likes 1

Altea es uno de los pueblos más pintorescos de la costa levantina

Altea es uno de los pueblos más pintorescos de la costa levantina, si bien la actividad inmobiliaria ha dañado en parte lo que antes era el encanto y belleza singular de este bonit...Read more »

28-11-2012 Marco P. Views 3486Comments 0Likes 0

Altea is one of the most charming towns.

Altea is located in the Spanish region of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. This is without doubt one of the most charming towns to be found on Spain's "White Coast". If you want all n...Read more »

10-09-2012 mara m. Views 2884Comments 0Likes 1

Altea is a beautiful village

Altea is one of the most beautiful cities along the Costa Blanca with about 15 000 inhabitants can be reached using the AP7 highway. About 15km north of Benidorm and just south of ...Read more »

06-07-2012 argo a. Views 2922Comments 0Likes 0

Costa Blanca is a fantastic!

The northern region of the Costa Blanca is an area of special charm with unique landscapes, fantastic sandy beaches, rocky coves and creeks with crystal clear waters and it is an a...Read more »

06-07-2012 argo a. Views 4521Comments 0Likes 1

Romantic Altea

Famous for its church Nuestra Senora del Consuelo or Virgen de Consuelo with its fantastic looking blue roof. One of the view places along the Coast, Altea center still gives you t...Read more »

06-07-2012 dryu d. Views 3145Comments 0Likes 0


The Iberian coastal settlements at the mouth of the Algar river in the wide Bay of Altea were later joined by a Greek marketplace, named Althaia. During the Moorish domination t...Read more »

06-07-2012 garagu g. Views 3332Comments 1Likes 1

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